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Four Ways to Elevate Your Casual Style and Still Feel Comfortable

There’s nothing quite like your casual style to keep you feeling comfortable and easy-going from each day to the next. Who needs stuffy power suits or constricting bodycon dresses anyway? Not you, that’s for sure. 

But if you’re starting to feel like your casual style is getting a little too predictable and even boring, there are a few tricks that can help revitalize and elevate your wardrobe while maintaining the comfort you desire from your clothing. Check out our tips, and explore trendy outfits for women from Charmed & Fortunate.

Play with Patterns

A solid color can be paired with anything, but patterns add a level of interest to your look that basic colors can’t compete with. If your wardrobe lacks the variety that different patterns offer, it’s time to play with new looks.

Try camo-print joggers for an edgy look that’s also laid back, tie-dye yoga pants to show off your inner hippie while maintaining your freedom to move, or a leopard-print hoodie to keep things fierce but comfy.

Experiment with Cuts

Cutouts and asymmetrical hems in clothing are becoming hugely popular because of their ability to take an otherwise plain article of clothing and add some edge. And while these trendy outfits for women are more striking that their traditional counterparts, they are just as comfy for those of us maintaining a casual wardrobe.

Try an asymmetrical skort, a flowy crop top, or the ever-popular cold-shoulder cutout sweater to elevate your casual outfit.

Try New Textures

If your wardrobe’s range of texture is limited to just flowing fabric, it’s time to try something new. There are a variety of textures out there that are just as comfortable as plain cotton t-shirts and denim jeans. Distressed, ribbed, and even pleated articles of clothing are low-maintenance, comfy, and perfect for a casual yet stylish look.

Keep things breezy with a pleated top that has a flowy fit, a ribbed sweater that will caress your skin instead of irritate it, or even a lace top to make your casual style a little more feminine.

Discover Different Materials

Remember your BFF cotton we mentioned earlier? While it’s still one of the most comfortable fabrics out there, plenty of other materials offer the same level of softness that’s a cornerstone of your casual look.

Try a natural linen jumpsuit that’s breathable and easy to style, a crushed velvet hoodie that you won’t be able to resist petting throughout the day, or a flowy linen cami that will keep you looking and feeling cool and put together.

Reinvent “Casual” with Clothes from Charmed & Fortunate

Your definition of “casual” style has a lot of flexibility. It can be as simple as jeans and a t-shirt or you can reinvent your casual style with new patterns, cuts, textures, and materials. At Charmed & Fortunate, we offer a variety of trendy outfits for women so you can mix and match pieces to create a casual and comfortable style that’s all your own. Shop our collection today to update your casual wardrobe.