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How COVID Has Changed the Clothing Industry

A lot has changed about our lives in the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks have become a fashion statement, to-go hand sanitizer is an essential item for your purse, and there’s been a huge shift in the clothes that we buy and how we buy them. Let’s take a closer look at the different trendy outfits for women we’ve seen customers purchase in the past year.

Online Shopping

As if online shopping wasn’t already on the rise, people started leaning into it even more as brick-and-mortar shops closed down or limited their hours and occupancy during the beginning of the pandemic. 

Even as stores have begun to open again, the public has embraced their ability to shop for clothes online wherever and whenever. And thanks to online women's clothing stores like Charmed & Fortunate, shoppers are able to find trendy outfits for women that are not only affordable but also support a cause.

A Spike in Top Sales

With much of the workforce working remotely since quarantine began, the clothing industry has seen a huge uptick in top sales. With virtual meetings, video calls, and limited visibility of coworkers, employees are focusing more on dressing up the top half of their body that can still be seen.

From stylish tops to cozy sweaters, women have focused on maintaining the professionalism of the top half of their outfits while pairing these work-appropriate blouses with leggings, sweatpants, and even pajama bottoms that their colleagues can’t see via Zoom.

A Resurgence of Bottoms

As states begin to open back up, people are excited to visit public spaces again and interact with one another. With that has come the desire to plan an entire outfit again and not just the top half! 

We’ve seen a resurgence of sales for pants, jumpsuits, shorts, and more bottoms from our collection of trendy outfits for women. From vibrant tie-dye yoga pants to work-conscious striped capri pants, we have a spectrum of stylish bottoms for you to choose from.

A Comeback for Dresses and Skirts

Along with the spike in sales for bottoms, we’re also starting to see an increase in sales for cute dresses and various styles of skirts. As shoppers are getting tired of wearing loungewear day in and day out during quarantine, it’s time to dress up a little and celebrate that we’re near the end of the pandemic.

And with summer right around the corner, we have all the light and flowy fabrics that will keep you cool as you’re out and about taking advantage of your return to society.

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Post-COVID Life

Whether you’re fully embracing the WFH lifestyle or you’re ready to hit the town with your girlfriends again, Charmed & Fortunate offers a wide variety of trendy outfits for women. Shop our tops, sweaters, and jackets so you always look professional during a virtual work meeting, or stock up on dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and more for when you’re out and about. Check out our entire collection of trendy outfits for women if your wardrobe is in need of freshening up.