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Why Supporting Charitable Organizations Is Important

Every day, businesses are competing for your attention and your purchase. Whether it’s the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or the activities you participate in, there’s countless companies trying to earn your business. How do you decide who to buy from?

It’s important to research the business model of different companies so you understand where your money is going. Does the owner take care of their employees? Is the revenue funding their expansion and further advertising? Do they give back to the community? 

If you’re looking for ways to support charities, giving back is easier than you think. When you purchase products from charitable organizations like Charmed & Fortunate, you’re supporting the mission of the charity, making a difference in others’ lives, giving back to the community, and your purchase is more than just a transaction for a product or service. Learn more about the importance of supporting charitable organizations, and purchase trendy outfits for women from Charmed & Fortunate to support critically-ill children and their families.

Supporting the Mission

When you purchase goods or services from an organization that supports a charity, you’re supporting their mission to help others. While any purchase you make helps support the economy and the business you’re buying something from, being a customer of a charitable organization means you’re also supporting the less fortunate — whoever they may be.

At Charmed & Fortunate, we donate a portion of our sales to The Marty Lyons Foundation and Friends of Karen. When you shop our products, you are supporting our mission to help seriously ill children and their families better cope with their circumstances.

Making a Difference

A buyer’s high is one thing, but making a difference in the lives of others adds a level of satisfaction that is unmatched. Instead of just updating your wardrobe with trendy outfits for women, purchasing clothes and accessories from Charmed & Fortunate means you’re making a difference in the lives of others as well.

The foundations we support have helped families in 13 different states and assisted nearly 16,000 families. We do our part by donating a portion of our sales to these organizations, and you can do your part by purchasing products from us so we’re able to support even more children and their families.

Giving Back to the Community

There are giant corporations now that have a monopoly in ecommerce. They’ve made it easy to shop for anything and everything on your grocery list, wish list, Christmas list, and more. And while many of these companies have been able to streamline their purchasing processes to make the experience easy and user friendly, they are missing a key component that helps their communities thrive. 

Unless a business gives back to their community in some way, their services or products don’t have the same edge that a charitable organization does. That’s the difference between Charmed & Fortunate and other online retailers — you’re giving back to the community when you buy clothing from us instead of just feeding a monopoly.

More than Just a Transaction

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You vote with your dollar,” then you know that the money you spend is a sign of what you support. Buying trendy outfits for women is more than exchanging currency for clothing. It says, “These are my values; this is what I care about.” 

At Charmed & Fortunate, we value providing high-quality, stylish clothing and serving those who are not as well-off as we are. It’s all in our name: we are Charmed to offer beautiful products in our boutique and are Fortunate that our customers join us to help those less fortunate. Shop our collection of trendy outfits for women and support our worthy cause.