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Why You Should Get Dressed Every Day — Even if You Work from Home

After a year in quarantine, we’ve either settled into our new lifestyle of working from home or we’re itching to get out of the house any chance we get. Whether you’re working back at the office or you have the perfect work routine at home, there’s one thing that can make a huge difference in your mood and productivity each day: getting dressed.

Even if you work from home and aren’t expecting any video calls for the day, it’s important for your overall wellbeing to change out of your pajamas and into some everyday clothes. The best part is that trendy outfits for women can be just as comfortable as sweatpants these days, so don’t feel like you have to put on slacks, a blazer, and heels to get your work done. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of getting dressed every day, and shop Charmed & Fortunate to find trendy outfits for women you’ll want to wear — even if you aren’t going to leave your house.

It’s Self Care

The phrase “self care” is a huge buzzword these days. And while taking care of yourself should always be a priority, it’s easy to get it confused with self soothing. Your pajamas are soothing. Your sweatpants are soothing. If you’re going to be productive, though, you need to take care of yourself, not soothe yourself.

The biggest difference between self care and self soothing is that self care is giving yourself what you need versus giving yourself what you want. What you want may be to stay in your pajamas all day, but what you need is a fresh pair of clothes to transition from sleeping to hustling.

It Changes Your Mindset

This benefit is two-fold. When you get dressed in the morning, it’s a signal for your brain that it’s time to start working. You’re more alert, you feel more productive, and you’re ready for an impromptu meeting your boss decides to call.

On the flip side, getting dressed in the morning means you’ll have to change back into your pajamas before you go to bed. This sends another signal to your brain that you are done working for the day and it’s time to relax. If you stay in your pjs all day, not only does your brain miss the clear signal that it’s time to work, it also misses the signal that it’s time to wind down.

You’re Prepared

Remember that impromptu meeting that we mentioned earlier? If you get dressed at the beginning of the day, you’re prepared for it regardless of how much or little notice you have. This could apply to anything too. You might need to pick up your kid early from school because they’re not feeling well, your friend might call to see if you want to go to lunch, or your partner might text to ask if you have time to grab a quick coffee on your break. Be ready for anything by getting dressed first thing in the morning.

It Sets the Tone for the Day

When you get dressed for the day, your brain gets the signal that it’s time to work and get stuff done. This sets the tone for a more productive day than if you were to stay in your pajamas. You’ve changed your mindset, you’ve done something to take care of yourself, and you’re prepared for anything the day throws at you all because you swapped your pjs for a top that’s equally as cozy and bottoms that are still easy to move around in. It’s a quick, simple way to start your day on the right foot.

It Makes You Feel Better

Do you ever just feel “blah” halfway through the day? How many of those times are you still wearing your pajamas? Trendy outfits for women aren’t just for the catwalk — they’re for everyday women who want to feel good about themselves. When you get dressed in the morning, you feel better and more confident about your appearance. This translates into feeling more competent and equipped to do your job or handle surprise situations throughout your day.

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